Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Gift Set

Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Set is a perfect Oral ve Nasal Hygiene and Self-Care set that you can gift elaborately to yourself and your loved ones.
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Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Set


Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Set, which is designed to be a elaborately gift to yourself and your loved ones, has been created for your oral and nasal hygiene and health.

The mouth is the organ of the digestive system and the nose is the organ of the respiratory system, the main gateways of our body.

Vedic texts state that purification begins firstly with the mouth.

In Ayurvedic Preventive Medicine protocols, oral and nasal hygiene is very important, especially in morning routines. The application of this set, which we recommend to be used in the morning at the beginning of the day, has a series of chain effects that make you feel much fresher and lighter throughout the day.

In our Daily Wellbeing “Mouth & Nose & Sinus Cleansing Wellbeing Set”, we have carefully prepared 4 products of very high quality that will increase your daily mood and life comfort and support your immune system to remain strong.


Products included in this Set;

  1. Tongue Scraper
  2. Ayurvedic Mouthwash & Mouthrinse & Oral Care Oil Pulling
  3. Neti Pot (Sinus Cleaning Apparatus)
  4. Nasya Oil


For the usage areas and all the benefits of the products included in this Gift Set, it is recommended that you read the descriptions of the relevant products on our website.


You can easily learn the Neti Pot application by watching this application video by Wellbeing Coach İlkay Alçı, one of the valuable graduates of our Yükselen Çağ Wellbeing Academy, and you can start your sinus and nose cleaning immediately.


               For both nostrils, apply a Neti Pot full of lukewarm water with sea salt.

*Those with ear inflammation or those who have undergone nasal surgery in the last 3 months should not apply Neti Pot.

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