Shipping & Returns



Payment Refund

If you wish to return the products you have purchased, there is no refund. You can purchase other products worth the value of the products you want to return.

Product Returns

Returns are made with the original unopened and unused original box or packaging and the original invoice within 30 days. The products you send to us will be examined by us.  Products that are not in a condition to be accepted will not be returned and will be sent back to you in the same way. Together with the product you want to return, you must send the original invoice and a petition containing the reason for the return and the products you want to buy instead. If your return reason is accepted by us, if there are products you want to buy instead, the product will be sent after the difference payment and shipping costs are paid by you. There is no return or change in the products on sale.

Order Cancellation

In order to cancel your new order, your order must not have been shipped.




Order Delivery

We deliver the products you order to the cargo company in full and perfect condition. It is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the products are not damaged when receiving them from the cargo company.  You are required to state your complaints about the damages that may occur during the delivery of the products to you to the cargo company official before receiving them from the cargo company. If you are not satisfied with the products after receiving them, see the Product Return section.


Order Delivery Time and Custom

Overseas orders vary with the flight schedules of the DHL Cargo Company and the cargo delivery times of the ordered country.

It will be delivered within an average of  10-15 business days days outside Turkey. Weekend Orders Orders placed after 4:00 p.m. on Friday will be delivered on Monday. All orders placed after 16.00 on Friday will be processed on Monday and may not arrive before Tuesday. There is no delivery on Saturdays and Sundays.

If there is no one at the address specified in the cargo delivery, the cargo owner is informed by calling the contact phone number specified in the order form by the cargo authorities. After this phone call, the relevant cargo is kept in the relevant Cargo Branch warehouse for 1 business day, and the cargo that is not received from the relevant branch within 1 day is returned to the Daily Wellbeing company. If the cargo is not received by the customer despite these warnings, the shipment is made to the customer, this time with Counterparty Payment. The customer accepts these provisions in advance. (this section applies to shipments within Turkey)

For cargo shipments outside Turkey : As the customs legislation of each country is variable, if for any reason the customs authorities of the relevant country request an explanation from the BUYER other than the invoice of the products, the BUYER is obliged to fulfill it.