Tongue Scraper and Cleaner

Made of ANSI 304 stainless steel, our high quality Tongue Scraper is the perfect ayurvedic morning routine that promotes healthy oral flora by hygienizing the tongue surface.
Manufacturer: Daily Wellbeing

Tongue Scraper & Tongue Cleaner


As a result of the natural detoxification process that the body does every 24 hours during the night, toxin accumulations in whitish, yellowish or grayish colors with bitter, stinging tastes may occur on the tongue.

Cleaning this layer on the tongue before brushing your teeth in the morning and before drinking and eating is one of the simplest preventive medicine protocols you can do for your holistic health both in the short and long term with our high quality Tongue Cleaner made of ANSI 304 stainless steel.

Starting the day with this product, which we recommend you to buy 1 each for both your bathroom and your travel bag, will provide you with a great feeling of lightness over time.


General Benefits of Tongue Cleaning

  • By clearing the taste receptors, it accelerates the feeling of satiety during the main meal.
  • Prevents bad breath.
  • Stimulates the digestive system and intestines, stimulating the movement of accumulated feces from the large intestine to the evacuation channel.
  • Reduces and prevents various diseases caused by unhealthy oral flora.


How to use : Before brushing your teeth in the morning, gently scrape the accumulated toxin layer on your tongue until it is gone.

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