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In Ayurvedic Medicine, all treatment protocols begin with the regulation of the Enteric Nervous System, that is, the Digestive System. It is stated that the Digestive System is one of the most important centers of the Immune System and the healing effects of spices in the kitchen in daily-life play a very important role among Ayurvedic Preventive Medicine Protocols.

Daily Wellbeing Ayurvedic Tea Blends are produced by blending the highest quality certified spices in accordance with the dosha's, based on the principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition, namely Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition, with great care for you to add comfortably and deliciously to your daily routines.

The spices used in the formulas of Daily Wellbeing Tea Blends and Spice Blends are of the highest quality and are certified in accordance with the following specifications;

  • Free from heavy metals.
  • Free from magnetic dust.
  • Blended in a sterile environment with maximum physical cleaning.
  • Produced without losing of pure essential oils.
  • Non-GMO (GMO Free)
  • It has not been subjected to any heat treatment during production and grinding.
  • Produced with sustainable Agricultural Practices
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Ayurvedic Detox Tea

Ayurvedic Detox Tea is recommended to be consumed throughout the day to eliminate edema, prevent constipation, relieve gas, heartburn and bloating.

Ayurvedic Sleep Tea

Ayurvedic Sleep Tea is the most natural option for insomnia and better quality sleep

Ayurvedic Kapha Tea

Ayurvedic Kapha Tea supports weight loss by accelerating metabolism.

Ayurvedic Pitta Tea

Ayurvedic Pitta Tea for heartburn, ulcer pains, hot flashes and to reduce stomach acid and gastric inflammation

Ayurvedic Vata Tea

Ayurvedic Vata Tea for constipation, bloating, gas formation and raising body temperature.

Ayurvedic Ginger Tea

Ayurvedic Ginger Tea Blend is an excellent immune system booster.

Ayurvedic Buddhi Detox Tea

Ayurvedic Buddhi Detox Tea is the perfect Emotional Detox Tea on days, when you feel the need to balance your mood and emotional state.